People Are Loving The Affection Seen In This Father-Son Hug

People are loving this so much.

A father-son hug between an Olympic-bound hockey player and his dad is making the rounds on the Internet. The sweet embrace came after Bobby Butler, who is a member of the American Hockey League's Milwaukee Admirals, told his dad, John, he'd made the U.S. Olympic team and would be heading to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in just a few weeks.

Once a long shot for the team and a chance at Olympic glory, Butler went through a rigorous training process before making the cut. As the video below shows, Butler couldn't wait to share the good news with his dad when he stopped by at practice. Upon learning his son would be headed to PyeongChang, John drew him in for a touching hug as Butler's teammates cheered in the background.

The embrace lasted for several seconds before John pulled his son in for a second hug. In addition to being a proud dad, John is also an overjoyed coach who, according to The Boston Globe, coached his son when he was a student at Marlborough High School.

As Upworthy points out, a likely reason why this tender moment has struck a chord with so many people is because it shows a type of affection between men that we don't typically see. In fact, studies have shown men generally prefer to show affection (particularly to other men and their sons) by bonding over shared activities or doing something nice as opposed to exchanging hugs and kisses. As Scientific American puts it, "Often for men, showing affection is more about what they do than what they say."

Take a look at some of the moving reactions to the video clip, below:

As you may have guessed, Butler is glad the moment he told his dad he's headed to the Olympics is caught on video. "I thought it would be special to tell him at a hockey rink since we've been playing so long," the 30-year-old told WTMJ-TV. "He's a big teddy bear, so I knew tears would come, but it was special, it's a video I could give to him and he could show his buddies."


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