Civil Servant Proposes To Girlfriend On The Floor Of The British House Of Commons

"It seemed a suitable place for the biggest event of our lives so far."

In the age of social media, planning a unique proposal isn't easy, but Matthew Reville, 32, managed to do it. Last Friday, the civil servant living in London asked his girlfriend, Rachel Evans, 32, a Parliamentary researcher, to marry him in the British Parliament House of Commons. 


In the adorable video which Reville shared to Twitter yesterday, Evans covers her mouth with one hand, laughing, as she says, "Yes, of course."

"You know it's Parliament, so he didn't mean it," one onlooker joked. 

Because of their jobs, Reville thought the heart of the nation's government would be the perfect place to pop the question. 

"We are both quite private people, so I thought I'd surprise her with a very public proposal," Reville told The Independent. "I proposed in the House of Commons because Rachel works in Parliament and it seemed a suitable place for the biggest event of our lives so far."

While Reville timed the proposal to be late on Friday when there tend to be fewer tourists in the building, he shared on Twitter that there were a few visitors who witnessed the proposal. "They were all lovely though," he said. 

Cover image via Eddy Galeotti /


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