James Corden Is A Fishy Tinder Match In This 'Shape Of Water' Parody

"You look nothing like your profile picture."

Late Late Show host James Corden loves a good parody, and he's not afraid to go all out with his costume — just look at the sketch he did when Stephen King's It was all the rage last year. This week, he took on another buzzed-about movie: The Shape of Water, which just won two Golden Globes.

The film, directed by Guillermo del Toro, stars Sally Hawkins as a woman who forms a bond with an amphibian creature held in captivity. Corden's version still stars Hawkins, but this time the backdrop is modern dating. When Corden's character shows up to the restaurant, something is fishy — literally.

"Who's completely honest on their Tinder profiles?" Corden's character asks Hawkins when she points out his misleading photo. "I mean, your hair was longer in your photo."

"I've had a haircut," Hawkins explains.

"Well, you've had a haircut. I'm a fish man. Who doesn't fudge these things?"

The two end up hitting it off more than you might expect, with plenty of aquatic jokes, including one about "Uber Pool," and other about "fish and chips." But unfortunately, it doesn't look like these two were meant to be — and not for the reasons you might think.

See how it all ends in the video below:

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