Jimmy Fallon Gives Team USA The Perfect Pep Talk In Time For The Olympics

Thanks to a tweet from Lindsey Vonn.

The 2018 Winter Olympics have finally arrived, with the opening ceremony occurring today in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This year's athletes could probably use all the support they can get, which is where Jimmy Fallon comes in. Thanks to a tweet from Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, this week's Hashtags segment turned into a pep talk for Team USA.

Fallon was in the middle of reading his viewers' funniest reasons for being single on Valentine's Day this year when he came across a post from Vonn. "I'm single because I only have eyes for the Olympics," she wrote. Then she added, "Also, where's my pep talk, coach?"


Fallon explained that he promised Vonn a pep talk before this year's games began, so he took a moment to zip up his Team USA onesie and channel Shia LaBeouf's meme-worthy "Just do it" video, complete with a green screen and a rat tail braid.

"Hey Team USA," Fallon began. "Do it! Just do it! You're going to the Olympics!" He went on to mime a few Olympic events, from skiing to curling, and reminded athletes, "You're the best, so be the best!"

We suppose everyone who sent in a #WhyImSingle tweet could take this as a pep talk for them as well. After all, sometimes the dating world can feel like trying to win a gold medal.

Check out Fallon's favorite tweets, and his pep talk, below:

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