Jimmy Kimmel Found A Creative Way To Cover The Olympics Without Getting In Trouble

The YouTube Olympics are the next best thing.

You may already be watching the Winter Olympics on NBC, but Jimmy Kimmel also wants you to watch his own version of the games. Because the host's show is on ABC, he's not legally allowed to show Olympic footage. But he found a creative way around it.

"We are allowed to show footage from YouTube and pretend it's from the Olympics," Kimmel explained on Monday's show. He went on to introduce the "Youlympics" with an adorable clip of a pint-sized athlete on the ice, complete with commentary on her "pitter pat" technique and a slow-motion replay.


Then on Tuesday night, Kimmel's Youlympics coverage continued, this time featuring some exciting footage of late-night skiing. When you see how the clip ends, you might be tempted to petition the Olympic Committee to change the rules.

As much as we love watching real-life figure skating and snowboarding, Kimmel's version of the games is the next best thing, and the perfect way to unwind after a long night on the edge of our seats as we watch our favorites compete. You also have to admire the creativity. As Kimmel said, "When life gives you lawyers, make lawyer-ade."

Check out both Youlympics clips below:

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