This Kangaroo-Like Shirt Helps Parents Bond With Their Newborns

Like a lil' joey.

Babywearing —  keeping your infant or toddler connected to you as you go about your daily activities — is common in cultures around the world, but in America, there seems to be a lack of tools to help parents keep their child close at all times. Husband and wife Brian and Keri Fosse decided to change this using a simple design solution with their clothing brand Lalabu

The two launched the Soothe Shirt in 2013 and the Dad Shirt. These tops feature a built-in pouch, much like a kangaroo's, so that parents can carry their babies close. The Dad Shirt, for example, features an inner-mesh panel for breathability, a slim-fit to look like a regular t-shirt, and an adjustable head-support panel for the newborn. 

"Babywearing first caught our attention on a trip to Africa when we noticed all of the babies were happily on their mom's backs," Brian and Keri wrote on their website. "These little ones were soothed by mom's presence and were part of their parent's everyday life."

But upon returning to the states, Brian and Keri noticed that fewer parents were babywearing, a practice that can benefit both the child and the parent by promoting bonding, supporting breastfeeding, and helping those with postpartum depression. It can also help with sleeping, feeding, and growth, according to Babywearing International.  


"It has been such an honor for us to have the opportunity to impact so many lives through simple babywearing," Brian and Keri added on their site. "We really do believe it's the best start in life for babies plus it allows parents to most enjoy their baby time."

You can check out the shirt in action in the images below:

(H/T: HuffPost)

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