Dying To Know The Story Behind Your Favorite GIFs? A Twitter Thread Reveals Their Origins.

It's worth a scroll.

If you've ever wondered the story behind one of your favorite GIFs, you might want to start scrolling through one particular Twitter thread.


Director Matthew A. Cherry recently put together a Twitter thread called #GifHistory, where he encouraged his followers to send in a GIF they wanted to know the backstory of, and Cherry and other people could try and find its original video.

First, Cherry found the video behind the reaction GIF of shocked guys.

As the thread continued, Cherry found the videos from GIFs ranging from one of Michelle Obama jamming to music to the one of a man blinking twice after doing a double take that became popular last year.

Over the weekend, people kept using the thread to solve the mysteries behind more GIFs. And one person asked the origin of one from "Community" that caught the attention of the show's creator, Dan Harmon.

It's safe to say that people are pretty happy with #GifHistory.

See the original clip below:

The origins of many more of your favorites have been revealed in the thread. Check it out to see the original clips that make up the most memorable memes.

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