Can Meryl Streep Name All Her Oscar Nominations? Jimmy Kimmel Found Out.

"I can't remember last Thursday."

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Academy Awards for his second year in a row in 2018, and on Monday night's episode of his talk show, he interviewed an Oscar legend — Meryl Streep, who holds the record for most nominations for an actor, at 20.

You might be wondering if Streep, after such an illustrious career, can remember all the films for which she received such a nomination. Kimmel certainly wondered, so he decided to put her to the test. He asked Streep to name all 20 movies in one minute, in order to win a bonus Oscar to go with the three she already has.


Streep was a little overwhelmed by the challenge but managed to name a few titles from early in her career. "See, I can't remember last Thursday. I can remember the olden days," she explained.

The actress got sidetracked when Kimmel told her she wasn't nominated for 1988's A Cry in the Dark — but she actually was. (One YouTube commenter suggested it was listed under the alternate title Evil Angels.)

"Why? Why? Why was I not nominated?" Streep lamented. We're unofficially bumping her final score up from five to six, and hope Kimmel lets her try again the next time she's on the show — when she'll probably have 21 nominations if her buzz for The Post is any indication.

See for yourself which movies Streep can remember below:


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